Praise God for three surprises in my life:

First, I never thought I’d become a Christian. After studying philosophy in college, I attended the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China for three years. In December 2000, I became a child of God when visiting my family in the U.S.

Second, I never thought I’d give up my career in China. Starting as a middle school teacher, I became a director in the Education Bureau, then to the prominent positions of assistant to the Mayor and then of the Governor. However, after five visits to the U.S. and three years of prayer, I finally gave up my job and was reunited with my family in the U.S. A year later, in 2004, I felt God’s calling and began writing for Christian magazines, including Overseas Campus, Ambassador of Christ, Behold Magazine, Life Magazine and Chinese Today. I also began preparing for online seminary courses.

Third, I never thought I would become a pastor. In 2006, I had started working full time as the Executive Director of the Asian Council and the Director of the China Program at a private college. On the side, I also taught Mandarin Chinese. In 2007, I felt God’s call and became the editor and columnist for Chinese Today and Ambassador for Christ. I also wrote and published 《省府大院走出个基督徒》”From the Provincial Government Courtyard Came a Christian” and a second book, 《奥秘天地间》”Why There are Mysteries Between the Heaven and the Earth” is currently in press. In 2011, I graduated with my Ph.D. in Christian Psychology from Daysprings Christian University. Also in that year, upon further prayer, my family moved to Overland Park to serve the South Emmanuel Chinese Church. In September 2012, I was ordained as a pastor. In February 2014, I became the missions pastor of Emmanuel Chinese Baptist Church and, as of July, serving full time for the Emmanuel Chinese Campus Mission.

As for my family, my wife Nili Luo is currently a college professor, my daughter is a graduate student and my son is currently in middle school.

To God be the glory!






2006年开始在美国某私立大学全职工作,任亚洲理事会执行主任和中国项目办主任,并授中文课。2007年底,被神呼召兼任美国《中信》月刊编辑和《传递生命》双月刊责任编辑,为专栏作者。出版了《省府大院走出个基督徒》和《奥秘天地间》两本传福音的书作。2011年网上神学毕业,获得美国Daysprings Christian University心理学(圣经模式博士学位。被神进一步呼召,全家于2011年底搬到堪萨斯市,开始在城南以马内利华人教会任传道人 。 2012年 9月 被按立为牧师。 2014年2月 1日 起 , 为以马内利华人浸信会宣教牧师,并于7月1日在密苏里大学(UMKC)校园堂事奉。2016年9月1日任《中信》月刊和《传》双月刊主编,并应邀外出作讲员。